Activate Green Dot Prepaid Card Online

Activate Your Green Dot Prepaid Card

Opt For Reloadable Debit Card From Green Dot For Convenience

If you are looking for cards then prepaid cards from green dot is perfect choice. Green Dot is one of the leading prepaid cards providers in United State. Through their official website, you can easily order one for you. They are growing at a rapid pace. They already have thousands of retailer location and they will come up with more location in future.

They will not require your credit score and any bank account to offer you a card. You just have to visit their official website or their participating retailers to own any card. Through their online portal you can easily order a card, add money, and locate their ATM easily.

What you can do online?

  • Add funds.
  • Activate Card. visit
  • Get a card.
  • Login to your account. visit
  • Browse through their different prepaid card to order any.

For more information regarding Green dot cards you can visit

Services offered by Green dot website:

If you online then you will be able to gather knowledge about their cards, learn how to add funds, do direct deposit, bank load, locate their stores, swipe reload and others. If you own a card, you can easily register that card through online. Visit online portal and go to set up your account. Enter sixteen digit number found in back of the card and your detail credentials. Once you entered all the information successfully you can continue to register your card easily.

Information you will need:

  • 16 digit number. You will find this digit on the back of the card.
  • A valid Social security number is required.
  • You need valid Contact information.
  • Name and address.

To do the activation and registration you can visit Before visiting the website, keep above information ready with you. You will be able to register your card in four simple and easy steps.

How to add money on your card?

Well, you have several options to add money on your card. First and easy way to add money is through MoneyPak. It is best way as this is conveniently available at leading local stores. Visit any retailer and purchase MoneyPak. You can use it to reload your prepaid card through online or you can use your phone to do the reload. You can also call 800-GREENDOT to seek assistance and reload your card. To reload prepaid card with MoneyPak follow below steps.

  • Visit
  • Then hit add fund button.
  • Once you hit the button, you will be redirected to secure page where you will be asked to provide the number on front of the prepaid card.
  • Once you provided the information, the page will automatically guide to reload the prepaid card.

Visit to Green Dot Prepaid Card official website

You can also use MoneyPak to add on PayPal account. Through this you can easily transfer money to any account you want and you can do it in secured way. MoneyPak can easily found in leading local super store. Just visit the store and purchase reload card and enjoy convince.

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