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Sears Card Credit Card or official website offers credit card with amazing offers issued by Citibank. Today financial activities have been made easier through credit and debit cards. Even some years ago people used to go bank, had to submit checks and bank employees would give money against that check. But these days credit cards are extensively used for both transacting via ATM machine or purchasing via online. Customer has to have a bank account and respective bank will issue a credit card. Credit card normally has 16 numbers and 3 additional CVV number which only the customer know. When a customer is about to purchase an item online, he has to put the exact account name, account number, CVV number, expiration date for a valid transaction. This can be done sitting home using internet and without going outdoor. The banks in different countries offer credit cards to their customer which can also be used globally or local outlets. also offers an excellent credit card which is named as Sears card and issued only by Citibank. You can apply for this card being an existing customer of Citibank.

You can use Sears card to over 1,000 brand retailers. Beside payment processing system, this card also offers many rewards such as discount coupon to cardholders. This card can be used at Sears or Kmart without any liability in bank. In case you forget to bring the card in shop, you still will get a temporary shopping pass in the above mentioned shop. You can access or manage your account through online. Getting this card is quite easy. You need to be minimum 18 years of old and must have a valid SSN number. While applying for the card, you need to submit personal information, financial information and security information along with annual income statement. It is recommended to read the agreement and privacy policy which will give you a clear idea about what you can do and what you can’t with this card. Upon submitting correct and complete information, application will be reviewed and approved. When the card is at your hand, you can gear up your purchasing strength.

At also offers MasterCard to the account holders of Citibank. The features are almost same as normal Sears card. The additional advantage is, whenever you see MasterCard supported station you can use this card also. This means connected with more networks and more flexibility.

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Citibank is a leading bank in United States and also across worldwide. Their network is very wide and a card issue by this bank will have same expanded network allowing customers to pay or withdraw money in most convenient way. In addition low interest rate, no liability in bank makes the card even more advanced, fast and reliable. Thus having a Sears card in wallet would be an excellent opportunity to purchase and shop online quickly. While normal Sears card has literally limited usage and Sears MasterCard has worldwide acceptance, thus its now your choice which one to grab considering the advantages it offers.

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